Deployment Guide

Please see Quickstart Guide

OpenNode OS installation methods

There are three supported methods available for OpenNode OS installations:

NB! Please contact us through for OpenNode Network Install Server availability and support.

OpenNode Management Server installation

OMS is packaged and delivered simply as a VM appliance for the OpenNode host - shortcuts for installation and registration are provided by a local OpenNode TUI Utility and takes just a couple of minutes. There is only one OpenNode Management Server VM instance needed for managing multiple OpenNode OS hosts.

Please follow the OMS Setup howto guide.

OpenNode OS system requirements

  • Only 64-bit server hardware is supported (for more memory and 64-bit guest support)
  • Hardware Intel-VT or AMD-V virtualization support is required for KVM full virtualization to work (not required if using only OpenVZ linux containers)
  • At least 25GB harddisk or RAID device is needed for install with automatic partitioning (providing full real-world usable partition scheme)
  • If doing manual partitioning then OpenNode itself needs about 1,5GB free space on root partition
  • Automatic softraid setup requires 2 identically sized harddisks
  • At least 4GB of memory is needed - we recommend 8GB if running also several KVM guests
  • CDROM device for booting installer from the OpenNode CD