OpenNode builds open-source infrastructure management software and implements cloud systems.

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Deploying private AWS S3/Swift and RabbitMQ

Enable AWS S3 and Openstack Swift object storage APIs with Ceph Object Gateway service and run RabbitMQ messaging cluster.
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NodeFabric 0.4.3 released

We are pleased to announce availability of NodeFabric 0.4.3, the latest version of the hyperconverged database and storage solution for highly available, self-healing and load-balanced cloud services.
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NodeFabric in AWS EC2

Deploying Highly Available Data Backend clusters in Amazon EC2 can be as simple as booting up 3 VM instances from NodeFabric AMI and enabling included MariaDB-Galera and Ceph data storage services.


NodeConductor Try Now

Open-source Service Store supporting AWS EC2, DigitalOcean, Azure and Openstack IaaS. Bind and manage people, projects and hybrid cloud resources.

NodeFabric Try Now

Highly Available Backend Layer. Delivers turnkey database, storage and messaging clusters for highly available and self-healing cloud services.

G-Cloud Platform Intro

OpenNode Government Cloud Platform (GCP) is a state-of-the-art holistic solution for creating a private or hybrid cloud for the public sector services.


Cloud implementation

We build clouds using best practices and open technologies, and work daily with AWS, Rackspace and OpenStack. We have a successful track record ranging from internal company clouds to government clouds hosting public sector applications.

Cloud monitoring

Always be aware of what is happening with your infrastructure. We make sure that you know what is happening to your phsyical and virtual servers, network equipment, applications, backups, build farms and much more.

Cloud trainings

We offer trainings for getting hands-on experience on various aspects of private and public clouds. For the full list of courses, please contact the email below.

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