OpenNode 6 Update 3 (OVS) released

This stable OS release has been rebased to CentOS 6.5 and is introducing Openvswitch as a host bridge networking stack with support for VETH based VLANs and network bandwidth throttling.

OpenNode OS 6 Update 3 ISO installer can be downloaded from OpenNode SourceForge project page:


For updating existing OpenNode OS 6 installations please run:

yum update
service libvirt restart
NB! If you are currently running vzkernel version older than 042stab061.1 - you must install newer vzkernel package first and then run yum update for OS update like this:
yum install vzkernel
yum update
service libvirt restart
NB! VM stop/start default behaviour on host reboot has now changed to suspend/resume mode. It can be reverted back to stop/start mode by issuing:
sed -i '/^VE_STOP_MODE=/ c VE_STOP_MODE=stop' /etc/vz/vz.conf

Wishing nice summer vacations,

Team OpenNode