Introducing a vzmlocal utility

OpenVZ does not ship a tool for container ID changing and container cloning - althou its present in OpenVZ based commercial product called Virtuozzo. So we created one.

vzmlocal utility is useful for several things:

  • changing container VEID (works on running or stopped CT - and also handles quota file rewriting - so no quota reinitialization needed!)
  • cloning a container (works on stopped CT only)
  • moving or copying container into another storage endpoint (works on stopped CT only)

We chose to mimic Virtozzo’s vzmlocal utility as closely as we could - eg OpenNode vzmlocal arguments list is somewhat compatible with the original Virtuozzo’s implementation - but not all arguments are implemented in full or useful within OpenNode OS environment.

vzmlocal utility is packaged within opennode-tui rpm package - starting from opennode-tui-2.0.0-1.on.20130510183347.x86_64.rpm - which is currently available from opennode-dev yum repo

vzmlocal <CT List>
<CT List> = <source_CTID>:<dest_CTID>[:<dest_private>] [...]
vzmlocal -C <CT List>
<CT List> = <source_CTID>:<dest_CTID>[:<dest_private>] [...]
vzmlocal --help

The options are the following:

-C, --copy Clones the source Container instead of moving it.
-s, --fast-sid Allows you to speed up the process of cloning the Container. (not implemented)
-d, --destroy-source Destroys the source Container after its cloning.
-n, --disable-network Disables offline management for the source Container after its cloning. (not implemented)
-l, --skiplock Allows you to clone locked Containers. (not implemented)
--quiet Disables logging to screen and to the log file. (not implemented)
--verbose Sets log level to maximum possible value for this vzmlocalsession. (not implemented)
--help Displays the utility usage and exits.