OpenNode OS 6 Update 2 released!

This stable OS release has been rebased to CentOS 6.4 and includes numerous updated packages that provide some new features as well.

OpenNode OS 6 Update 2 ISO installer can be downloaded from OpenNode SourceForge project page:

Release highlights:

  • Rebased to CentOS 6.4 release (newer qemu/kvm, libvirt, etc) - please see RHEL/CentOS 6.4 release notes:
  • Includes RHEL6 042stab076.5 vzkernel
  • vzctl 4.2 and ploop 1.6 packages
  • Basic veth management support through custom ON_NETIF parameter in VEID.conf file (TUI support is in the works)
  • Bind mounts support in TUI (for OpenVZ)
  • Disk IO priorities support in TUI (for OpenVZ)
  • NB! QEMU/KVM VM templates disk controller/bus type is hard-coded to virtio from now on (was IDE) - please keep that in mind when creating KVM VM templates (Guests must support virtio - ie install virtio drivers in Windows before creating template from it, linux26 kernels include virtio support by default)
  • VM template (metadata) editing support in TUI (change template name, requirements)
  • ISO installer won’t create separate LVM logical volume for vz filesystem anymore - instead /vz is symlinked under /storage/local/vz from now on (allows to use free disk space more efficiently)
  • Func management framework has been replaced by Saltstack - (required by current OMS v2)
  • Included system-config-firewall package (GUI mode can be run over ssh X forwarding) - for managing iptables RHEL way if needed - more info:
  • Included koan for QEMU/KVM VM network kickstarting/installs with Cobbler

For updating existing OpenNode OS 6 installations please run:

yum update
service libvirt restart

NB! If you are currently running vzkernel version older than 042stab061.1 - you must install newer vzkernel package first and then run yum update for OS update like this:

yum install vzkernel
yum update
service libvirt restart

About basic veth management support

It allows to describe veth device parameters inside VEID.conf file and is able to auto create containers OS network configuration files on VM start. No opennode-tui support yet - this is still work in progress. Manual configuration can be done by adding ON_NETIF parameter string into VEID.conf file.

Parameter example inside VEID.conf file (for manual usage):


Currently limited to creating (overwriting) containers (veth) network devices configuration. You must set “managed=yes” in the ON_NETIF parameter string in order to activate configuration creation for particular device. “default=yes” sets gw as container VM default gateway. Also you must activate veth devices for container with “vzctl set $VEID –netif_add ethX –save” - before you can use this feature.

Wishing nice springtime,

Team OpenNode