CentOS 6.4 release and temporary yum update problem

CentOS 6.4 got released and as OpenNode uses CentOS base yum repositories but blocks CentOS libvirt package update - that breaks simple ‘yum update’ system upgrade at the moment. In order the system upgrade to succeed again we have to provide new custom libvirt package build. New CentOS 6.4 based OpenNode OS is in the works with numerous updates and some new features - but it has yet to reach opennode-test repo for QA and then to be moved into stable - which will take at least couple of weeks from now. Since then please use the following ‘yum update’ sequence for deploying OpenNode related updates:

# yum update opennode opennode-tui

UPDATE! Newer libvirt package has been built and is available in opennode-dev repo (but not thoroughly tested yet). Please see this forum post for details:,225.msg920.html

Team OpenNode