Kernel and openvz tools updates in opennode-test repo

There are updated kernel (042stab061.2) and openvz utilities in opennode-test repo for testers - before we push these packages to OpenNode 6 stable repo.

For testing out new kernel and userspace tools please enable opennode-test repo from /etc/yum.repos.d/opennode.repo file and disable opennode stable repo - then update system with ‘yum update’ command. NB! For loading new kernel system reboot is required after yum update at some point!

Meanwhile we are holding back vzctl 4.0 and ploop 1.5 updates - as these require that you already run 042stab061.2 kernel on your system. They will be included into next testing release which should also include Openvswitch support as a major new feature (together with VLAN, QoS and basic VETH network devices management support).