OpenNode 6.0 rc1 ISO installer released

We have finished uploading OpenNode 6.0 rc1 ISO installer into project page - so grab it there:

Also we have now separate opennode stable yum repo and opennode-test unstable development repo. If OpenNode 6.0 rc1 ISO installer works without major problems it will become as OpenNode 6.0 stable release.

Of course for earlier OpenNode 6.0 installations upgrade is provided by simply executing ‘yum update’.


OpenNode 6.0 rc1 (build 608) release 10.04.2012

md5sum: 0dd9706a263fbd5ced6a0da4e72ca33e

  • Rebased OpenNode base system to CentOS 6.2
  • Latest RHEL6 OpenVZ kernel (042stab053.5) with updated OpenVZ and KVM virtualization support and many bug fixes
  • Full VSwap type config file support by default
  • Initial kernel and vzctl (v3.1) support for ploop and vzconsole
  • OpenNode-TUI local management feature additions (openvz vm migration and management support)
  • Support for iptables firewall usage inside OpenVZ VM-s (including masquerading inside VM)
  • libvirt fixes regarding new vzctl and iptables firewalling
  • Support for new OpenNode Management Server v2

Team OpenNode :)