OpenNode 6.x firewall howto and new generation opennode cli tool (opennode-tui) available

We have released a new generation OpenNode CLI Utility - from now on called as opennode-tui - which brings some new features for local management and paves the way for new OpenNode

Management Server release. Also we have published a small howto about Shorewall firewall usage with OpenNode 6.x series servers.

Meet new local management tool for OpenNode 6.x series - opennode-tui

New features include:

  • Support for multiple template repos
  • Improved template downloads
  • Support for multiple storage pools
  • Support for simpler OpenVZ containers limits configuration - called VSwap - enabled by default
  • vzctl as OpenVZ default cli console instead of limited virsh

NB! Please note that opennode-tui is still under active development and will be matured by the time of OpenNode 6.0 stable release.

For installing the opennode-tui please execute the following command on OpenNode 6.0 Beta1 release:

yum update opennode

Howto: Shorewall on OpenNode 6.x

We provide now Shorewall packages through OpenNode 6.x yum repo and here is the recipe howto install and configure firewall on OpenNode 6.x series - until Shorewall packages will be installed by default.