OpenNode 6.0 beta1 ISO installer released

First beta of OpenNode 6.0 series ISO installer (build 604) has been released and is available for download through OpenNode project site.

We decided to start following RHEL version numbering for OpenNode releases - eg OpenNode 6.0 indicates RHEL6/CentOS6 based OpenNode series from now on.

Whats new in OpenNode 6.0 beta1 (build 604):

  • rebased to CentOS6
  • new RHEL6 vzkernel 2.6.32-042stab036.1
  • new KVM and OpenVZ virtualization stacks
  • support for simpler OpenVZ VSwap resource limits (see

New version of local management utility - which brings some new features - is still in the works and will probably make into second beta release of OpenNode 6.0.

For downloading the ISO please go here: