CentOS6-to-OpenNode6 (beta) conversion script released

For interested testers there is a CentOS 6.0 to OpenNode 6.0 (beta) conversion script available. Here are the instructions:

OpenNode 6.0 bootstrap from CentOS 6.0

  • Install minimal default CentOS 6 system with
  • Bootstrap to OpenNode 6.0 with script

    yum install -y wget wget -q -O - | bash


Currently OpenNode 6.0 beta is a CentOS 6 base system with RHEL6 vzkernel providing RHEL6 KVM and OpenVZ stacks - OpenNode CLI Utility (OCU) is still the same as of OpenNode 1.1 - we hope to finish some new OCU features by official OpenNode 6.0 release.