OpenNode Management Server (and its Ajax Web Console) alpha1 preview release is now available for testing!

First public (alpha1) preview release of OpenNode Management Server (OMS) is now available - its download and installation is provided through a local OpenNode CLI Utility (requires latest OpenNode-1.1 beta1 package). OMS alpha1 version is not yet ready for production use - but it also should not be destructive to your test environment :-)

Please read and follow OpenNode Management Server Install Howto for deploy time instructions. OpenNode Management Server User Guide should provide you with the needed information in order to get you going. For community support please visit OpenNode Support Forum and use OpenNode public mailing lists. Commercial support options and OpenNode development services are provided by Active Systems LLC.

OpenNode Management Server installation requirements:

  • OMS host and client nodes must be updated to latest OpenNode 1.1 beta1 (opennode-1.1-15 rpm)
  • For an alpha1 OMS VM test instance at least 1GB free memory and 10GB free disk space under /vz is needed for now
  • NB! You should use only FQDN hostnames for OMS and OpenNode server hostnames and they must be resolvable

For installing the latest opennode 1.1 beta 1 rpm package please do the following:

  • switch to opennode-test yum repository (enable opennode-test repo in /etc/yum.repos.d/opennode file and disable opennode repo)
  • do yum upgrade opennode (which should pull latest opennode-1.1-15 or greater rpm from opennode-test repo)

Known issues and limitations of OMS alpha1 release

  • OMS Web Console is still pretty “funky” at the moment - might be slow on updates, no proper feedback to user during some operations (especially on hosts import procedures), random VM status changes between vmlist refreshes, etc.
  • OMS Web Console SSH console pop-up window might open too fast - because of no ssh proxy console yet on other side producing a browser error - please just refresh the SSH console window and then SSH console loads properly
  • We do not support OpenVZ veth networking management inside OMS Web Console yet - but OpenVZ VMs with veth networking are allowed (just do manual setup for veth)
  • Currently we only support installing KVM VM-s from bootable ISO image with OMS Web Console - but you can try KVM VM templates functionality with local OpenNode-1.1 CLI Utility
  • There seems to be a problem with some ISO installers other than Windows boot CD - when creating KVM VM from ISO
  • No ISO image management yet - ISO images must be manually loaded into every OpenNode host under /storage/iso folder - if no such folder exists please create it manually
  • No VM templates management through OMS Web Console yet - please use local OpenNode CLI Utility for VM templates management
  • Currently KVM VM stop button issues KVM VM destroy command instead of more graceful (but also often non-working) shutdown - that is intentional
  • While OpenVZ VM management seems to be fairly stable - KVM management features are not so thoroughly tested
  • There are probably more issues - so be prepared :-)