OpenNode 1.1 beta1 available for testing from opennode-test repository

We have released first beta version of opennode 1.1 package for brave and adventurous betatesters :-) It is based on OpenNode 1.0 stable kernel and KVM stack - but contains upgraded opennode CLI utility which brings some new goodies.

For installing opennode 1.1 beta 1 rpm package please do the following:

  • switch to opennode-test yum repository (enable opennode-test repo in /etc/yum.repos.d/opennode file and disable opennode repo)
  • do yum upgrade opennode (which should pull opennode-1.1 rpm from opennode-test repo)

Most notably OpenNode 1.1 brings the following goodies:

  • Automated OpenVZ VM configuration file generation if deploying VM from OpenNode OVF template - CLI VM installer asks from user how much CPU, MEM, DISK is needed for VM and generates the rest.
  • OVF template file support for both OpenVZ and KVM templates - now its possible to create a OVF compatible VM templates from OpenVZ and KVM VM-s and to set minimum VM resource requirements within OVF template metainfo.
  • Checksum validated template downloads from OpenNode official template store and local template management.
  • Custom Func modules needed by OpenNode Management Server to activate central management features later on.

OpenNode 1.1 CLI utility OpenVZ VM procedures should be fairly stable and usable but KVM VM-s OVF templating features need probably some more testing. Please give us feedback and do commit bugreports if encoutering any problems.