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NodeFabric 0.4.3 released

We are pleased to announce availability of NodeFabric 0.4.3, the latest version of the hyperconverged database and storage solution for highly available, self-healing and load-balanced cloud services.


  • FEATURE: Added support for MariaDB configuration files data volume
  • FEATURE: Added nodefabric-update utility for system update
  • IMPROVEMENT: Switched to non-blocking XtraBackup SST method for MariaDB-Galera (was rsync)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Changed internal load-balanced MariaDB-Galera service endpoint to active-backup mode (in order to avoid potential multi-master deadlock problems with co-located apps using internal mysql service endpoint)
  • IMPROVEMENT: nf-galera-ctl database management subcommands supporting root password input (when required)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Better nf-galera service check script - in order to prevent node status flapping
  • BUGFIX: Fixed nf-galera-ctl password change/update replication issue
  • EXPERIMENTAL: Implemented initial support for (fixed) 5-node clusters

Host images

Downloadable disk images and VM templates are available from

 nf-centos7-bare-VERSION.qcow2    for KVM or bare-metal
 nf-centos7-cloud-VERSION.qcow2   for Openstack (with cloud-init)
 nf-centos7-VERSION.vmdk.gz       for VMWare
 nf-centos7-VERSION.vdi.gz        for VirtualBox
 nf-centos7-VERSION.vhdx.gz       for Hyper-V
 nf-centos7-VERSION.pvm.tgz       PVM for Parallels Desktop
 nf-centos7-VERSION.ova           OVA for VirtualBox

 All VM images have built-in login user account: centos
 Default login account password is set to:       changeme

 NB! nf-centos7-cloud image uses cloud-init for account activation!

Amazon EC2 cloud

Goto NodeFabric AWS Marketplace product page

AMIs by region:

 | Region                    | AMI ID       |
 | US East (N. Virginia)     | ami-1daaf778 |
 | US West (Oregon)          | ami-1045a623 |
 | US West (N. California)   | ami-ddce0d99 |
 | EU (Frankfurt)            | ami-9cd0dc81 |
 | EU (Ireland)              | ami-79635c0e |
 | Asia Pacific (Singapore)  | ami-8cdccfde |
 | Asia Pacific (Sydney)     | ami-b1afe58b |
 | Asia Pacific (Tokyo)      | ami-f0315cf0 |
 | South America (Sao Paulo) | ami-5112834c |

Getting started