Service Store

Cloud brokerage enables you to deliver hybrid solutions from multiple providers. Waldur Service Store and integrated resource lifecycle management features put your customers in control while you capitalize on consistency and efficiency.

Binding People, Projects and Resources

With Waldur you enable end-customers to use project based approach for grouping managed resources together and to implement shared provider access for project team members. It also delivers single pane of glass for cost tracking and resource distribution overview.

High-level Infrastructure API

Expose integrated subsystems and resource providers through high-level API, enforcing best practice workflows and matching your exact business requirements.

Self-Service Portal

Lightweight graphical web client working as NodeConductor REST API client. Allows end-customers easily import their existing VMs, provision new applications, manage SLA contracts, track usage costs and much more.

Integrated Solutions

Waldur has plugin architecture for integrating third-party subsystems into top-level infrastructure API and self-service environment. There are existing plugins available for billing, monitoring, license accounting, organisation management, SAN management, log aggregation.

Alerting and Auditing

Track modifications of your IT infrastructure through event log. Intelligent alerts highlight problems requiring interventions. Subscribe for relevant notifications to your email or define custom webhooks.