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Server Virtualization and Cloud Management Made Simple

Converting from CentOS to OpenNode OS

There can be situations when using OpenNode ISO installer or doing networked PXE installs is not possible (for example in case of pre-installed dedicated server offerings) - therefor we have created an helper script in order to assist converting existing CentOS installations into OpenNode compatible hosts. 

CentOS 6 to OpenNode OS 6 conversion

NB! CentOS to OpenNode OS conversion scripts are tested against minimal and default CentOS installs - which can be setup by using CentOS-6.x-x86_64-minimal.iso. Please note that conversion script must be run as root user.

yum install -y wget
wget -q -O - | bash

Conversion process description

Conversion script will perform the following tasks in your CentOS system:

  • updates system packages to latest versions
  • installs opennode yum repo files (opennode-release rpm)
  • pulls and installs all needed opennode related packages
  • creates additional folder structure needed for opennode compability (eg /vz, /storage)
  • migrates eth0 device IP configuration into vmbr0 bridge device (eg sets up bridge networking for KVM and OpenVZ virtual machines)
  • carries out additional system reconfiguration needed for opennode host compability (disabling SELinux, etc)