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Server Virtualization and Cloud Management Made Simple

Introducing TurnKey Linux Appliance Library

18. October 2013 16:40

TurnKey Linux Appliance Library contains 100+ Debian based VM appliances - that integrate and polish the very best of open source software into ready to use solutions. Now available also as OpenNode OpenVZ container templates.

We have been working closely with TurnKey Linux team ( in order to make TKL virtual appliance library available as OpenNode OpenVZ container templates - downloadable and deployable directly from OpenNode TUI management utility.

TurnKey Linux appliance library provides most popular pre-packaged open-source solutions - which are very easy to deploy - together with appliance backup and migration tools. TKL appliances are easy to maintain and auto-updated daily with security patches.

Here is how to activate TKL appliance library on OpenNode host:

  • Update to opennode-tui rpm package version to 20131017200837 or later:
    yum update opennode-tui

Please see more detailed info about TurnKey Linux Appliance Library from: